Freemondon, LLC is the parent company of a growing suite of self-development, coaching and education services for coaches, consultants, companies, and individuals.


For Coaches, Consultants,
& Companies

Custom Training Design creates and develops content, activities, and materials for educational events - like workshops, seminars, retreats, and presentations - that you can use confidently in your workplace or with your audience.

Hire Custom Training Design and take the guesswork out of putting together your next educational event. We will save you time, money, and frustration by doing the work for you OR by mentoring you through the design process so you can do the work yourself with ease.

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For Individuals, Consultants, & Companies

Courageous Heart Coaching helps clients live and work with more passion and courage, regardless of the circumstances. Everyone has a courageous heart, but for many people it hides behind fear and uncertainty, even when they have a tough exterior.

Courageous Heart Coaching brings out the courage (and compassion) you need to be successful and fulfilled. Whether you are an executive, small business owner, parent, or employee, Courageous Heart Coaching will help you find your courage to be the best.

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